ZendoThe Three Treasures

I take refuge in the Buddha

I take refuge in the Dharma

I take refuge in the Sangha

The Three Pure Precepts

I vow to not create harm

I vow to practice good

I vow to actualize good for others

The Ten Grave Precepts

I vow to nurture life; I will not kill.

I vow to be giving; I will not steal.

I vow to honor the body; I will not misuse sexuality.

I vow to manifest truth; I will not lie.

I vow to cultivate clarity; I will not cloud the mind.

I vow to realize equality; I will not speak of others’ errors and faults.

I vow to practice humility; I will not elevate the self and blame others.

I vow to share generously; I will not be withholding.

I vow to cultivate patience; I will not be angry.

I vow devotion to the practice; I will not defile the Three Treasures.