Dear Friends,

As we flow from the old to the new, and welcome a fresh beginning, it is utterly important that we each take a deep breath, and check the pulse of our spiritual practice. We may go through the motions, but do we truly understand how to look at the old and the stale while being rooted in the new and the fresh? Without sincere examination we can all fall into the trap of pseudo-practice, spin our wheels, and keep dragging the old into the new. Practicing this way can create a sense of heavy burden that will not only hinder our everyday lives, but will also curtail the deepening of our understanding. As this is a common issue for every practitioner, it will be good to look at this together and understand how to proceed more freely.

On Sunday, December 31, 2017, we will hold a Mondo-style discussion to explore the actual meaning of determination in relation to spiritual practice. The aspects we will look at may include the following:

  • Sustenance needed for spiritual practice
  • Right effort; as in "Don't take it lightly, don’t give it weight"
  • The issue of abnegating responsibility for maintaining the vitality of practice
  • Knowing how to be a student; knowing how to work with a teacher
  • What is "The Sangha" for you?
  • Understanding seamless practice
  • What are "Living Vows", and how do we maintain them?
  • The cultivation of emotional resiliency

Please do your best to be there. If you are a remote student you can join by Skype/FaceTime. Just let me know ahead of time so we can make the arrangements. The schedule is as usual, 8:30-11:00. The Mondo will begin at 10:00.

Love to all,