Dear Friends,

The Fall Ango ceremony will be held at the upcoming Zazenkai, on Sunday, September 17. The schedule is 8:30 - 4:00. The fee is $25 (lunch included). Please confirm your Zazenkai participation by the end of this week.

Below are two documents: the Ango commitment form and a letter from the head trainee, Mitsugen. The commitment form includes seven practical ways to help you strengthen your resolve and keep the practice alive. These are the points we used during the Spring Ango. Please read both documents and thoroughly reflect on what you need to strengthen, and how you are planning to do it during the next three months. You need to print the commitment form, fill it out, and bring it to the Zazenkai on the 17th. Your first commitment is to not leave the form at home!

If you are unable to join the opening event you can drop off your commitment form, or email it to me. It will be read by one of the Sangha member and you will a part of the Fall Ango.