Zen priestsThe Eiryu-ji community is comprised of people from all walks of life, varied ethnicities, and different personal backgrounds. We cherish the value of differentiation and the uniqueness of each individual, while practicing together an essence that is shared by all creation. Our practice is aimed at the cultivation of an inherent wisdom, which, when realized and embodied, flows naturally and manifests as compassion, harmony and cooperation.

Eiryu-ji Zen Center was founded by Eran Junryu Vardi Roshi in 2012 for the purpose of continuing the wisdom practice of self-realization and compassionate action. The essence of our practice is drawn from the unique teaching style of Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi (February 24, 1931—May 15, 1995), who was a lineage holder within the Soto School, and received inka from two Rinzai teachers (Harada-Yasutani Lineage). Maezumi Roshi combined elements of the Rinzai and Soto Schools of Zen, such as the use of koan study and emphasis on shikantaza (“just sitting”). As a lineage holder in this unique tradition, Junryu Roshi engages skillful elements from both traditional schools of Zen. These elements lay the foundation of Eiryu-ji’s continuing spiritual development and direction.

Our Wyckoff, New Jersey Zen center functions in the same space as Aikido of Ramapo Valley. Although Junryu Roshi founded and heads both organizations, they each operate independently. Some of our members merge Zen practice with the embodiment of Aikido training, and some engage only in Zen practice.

We maintain daily Zazen, and hold regularly scheduled intensive training periods ranging from all-day Zazenkais to multiple day Sesshins (retreats). The Zazenkais are held at our center in Wyckoff, and the Sesshins are held at Dai Bosatsu Monastery in New York State, and other retreat centers in the area.

In addition to the ongoing meditation practice we offer the following:

  • Regular meetings with a Zen teacher (Dokusan)
  • Koan study
  • Buddhist studies
  • Jukai study and ceremony (taking the vows)
  • Priesthood training path

Seattle Branch:

Zazen in Seattle is hosted by Seattle Aikikai, a beautiful and spacious aikido dojo in Queen Anne, just across the canal from the Fremont neighborhood, at 101 Nickerson Street, Suite 130. It takes place Sundays at 4 pm and is facilitated by Amanda Kaiju Page and Lorin Worth, who are students of Junryu Roshi. Feel free to contact us for more information. We welcome complete beginners and offer tailored guidance as needed. The atmosphere of the dojo and our group is warm, supportive and engaged. We are always excited for new people to come and sit with us. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before attending your first time as ocasionally we have to cancel when no one is available to facilitate.


Sangha members